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To each explorer his talisman! All the great discoverers who have pushed the limits of our world ever further down the centuries have needed to draw their courage and inspiration from the objects that accompanied them on their journey: the compass that guided them, the ring of their beloved, the sword offered by the king ... And why not a bracelet?

Inspired by the humanist values that forged the exploration of the world and handmade in Belgium, the Ortelius bracelets accompany you on each of your journeys!

Choose the bracelet that suits you, customize it if you feel like it, and discover your world!

And Ortelius?

Abraham Ortelius, Antwerp antique dealer and geographer of the 16th century is considered the inventor of the modern atlas. A great scholar, he frequents all the world's leading figures at the time, including many of the most famous humanists. Eager to facilitate expeditions and discoveries of shipowners, it brings together in 1570 all the known maps of the world in a single book: the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first atlas in history. Ortelius thus opens the doors of the world.

The Ortelius bracelets celebrate this heritage through a unique and elegant product, made in Antwerp, which recalls the positive values of the great explorers.

A 100% Belgian brand

Coming from a line of craftsmen for 80 years, our jeweler based in Antwerp, designs the Ortelius earrings with care and rigor in order to offer us an irreproachable product quality.

Since Aalst, our braider, with 65 years of experience, is equipped with braiding machines at the forefront, which allows us to offer quality ropes in various colors.

Our calfskin and bull calfskin leather are cut by hand by our Brussels leather goods manufacturer, in the respect of the most beautiful skins selected by us.

Our displays and cases are made in our workshops in Bastogne. They are designed by a young designer and decorator from the Liège region.

Finally, the final assembly is done by hand by the two original creators of the Hope loop.

Each of our bracelets promises a real journey through quality Belgian crafts!

The manufacture of our bracelets

Discover how our products are made by our artisans.

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